Sleep Apnea Solutions

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Providing effective sleep apnea treatment in Alexandria, Virginia.

Is snoring impacting your quality of life? Let Dr. Qureshi help. Snoring is a very common breathing condition that can be disruptive to you and your partner and can even compromise your health. While in many cases, snoring is not severe or life threatening, it can sometimes be associated with a more serious condition called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). People with OSA stop breathing for short periods of time while sleeping. Sleep apnea can disturb your restful sleep and cause you to experience the following:

  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiac Arrhythmia

Dr. Qureshi is a trusted and experienced Alexandria dentist who offers the latest treatment options for sleep apnea and snoring in addition to excellent family dental care. At our office, we can diagnose the presence of sleep apnea and customize a treatment plan that will alleviate your symptoms. Not all cases of snoring or restless sleep are a result of OSA. We use oral appliances to test your breathing and accurately diagnose your sleep apnea. Your results will also give us a starting point to measure the progress of your treatment.

Snoring Prevention Relief

Dr. Qureshi uses custom dental appliances to treat OSA and prevent snoring. There are many types of appliances that can be used, depending on your individual needs and preferences. These nighttime appliances function by repositioning your mandible forward and opening up the airways while you sleep, enabling you to breathe more comfortably and quietly. One of the most popular treatments that Dr. Qureshi prescribes is the Silent Nite Snore Prevention Device, a thin, custom-made device with proven results.

If you are ready to address your snoring problem or find out if you have sleep apnea, please contact Farhan Qureshi, DDS today. We offer complete dental care to patients of all ages, including general, cosmetic and implant dentistry. Delivering healthy, functional and attractive smiles in the most comfortable environment possible is our highest priority. Our office is currently accepting new patients and we offer flexible payment options for your benefit.