With many of us experiencing increasingly busy lives, it can be easy to take our health and well-being for granted until we experience a problem. Our teeth are no exception, and taking the time to look after them should be an immediate priority for us all. Our team is committed to providing general dentistry in Alexandria and the surrounding areas, to help you achieve that priority, and in turn, achieve exceptional oral health.

You’ve started to feel a rough spot on your tooth, or maybe food is catching in a particular area during your meals. After a visit to see our Alexandria dentist, you find out that there’s a cavity. “It doesn’t hurt at least,” you think, “so I can probably wait a while to have it fixed.”

Everyone wants a gorgeous white smile. But people are also suspicious of what bleaching products can do to their teeth.

Teeth fracture in a few different ways for a variety of reasons. Some patients break their teeth because of:

A veneer is typically made from a thin porcelain shell that replaces some of the enamel on the front of one of your upper front teeth. With the help of veneers, you can hide smile imperfections like:

Healthy teeth come in a variety of shapes and sizes, thanks to genetics. But some people feel too shy to show their teeth in a smile because of how small they look.

The first time you find out that you need a dental crown, you may not be so sure. After all – sometimes the tooth never hurts or even feels like there is anything wrong with it. U Shine Dental recommends crowning teeth that are significantly compromised and prone to fracture or infection.

The enamel that blankets teeth is one of the body’s most mineralized and hard tissues, but its strength can be challenged by falling, biting down on a hard object or other trauma. Luckily, chipped or broken teeth can be repaired by a variety of techniques and treatments. Your Alexandria dentist can recommend the best treatment for your broken teeth based on your dental history, aesthetic preferences and the degree of the chip or break.