Healthy Teeth Whitening

Wed, 04/19/2017 - 19:00

Providing effective, professional teeth whitening in Alexandria, Virginia.

Everyone wants a gorgeous white smile. But people are also suspicious of what bleaching products can do to their teeth.

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A before and after photo of teeth whitening

If you’re interested in lightening the color of your smile, then you want a technique that’s safe as well as effective. At Farhan Qureshi, DDS, you’ll find the cosmetic dental solution that’s right for you.

Teeth Whitening Considerations

Teeth bleaching has two main negative effects: irritating gums and making enamel more sensitive.

Happily, you can avoid those issues if you whiten carefully under the direction of a dentist. Additionally, any sensitivity can usually be treated with a desensitizing toothpaste or extra fluoride.

Overall, teeth whitening is not considered harmful to fully-developed adult teeth. There is little evidence showing how it affects baby teeth, however. That’s why it’s best for kids to avoid bleaching until they’re teens.

Teeth whitening is not permanent. It simply helps to zap the stain that’s currently in your teeth. Your teeth will darken once again over time. So, there’s no need to worry about permanent damage.

“What About My Dental Restorations?”

Some people are worried that bleaching chemicals can release mercury vapors from amalgam fillings. But the mercury released is so negligible that there’s no need to avoid teeth whitening if you have metal fillings.

Other restorations won’t be affected by teeth bleaching. Their color stays the same no matter how often you bleach your teeth.

For the teeth bleaching treatment that will have the biggest impact on your smile with little to no side-effects, contact Dr. Qureshi. Our team has the experience you can depend on to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.