Planning for Dental Implants

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 19:00

Providing advanced dental implant therapy in Alexandria, Virginia.

Many Alexandria residents choose to restore their smiles with beautiful, permanent dental implants. Are you considering implant therapy, as well? If so, you’re probably wondering how uncomfortable the process is.

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Dental implants are like small screws that are inserted into the bone in place of a tooth root. This idea might make you squirm, but Dr. Farhan Qureshi can help put your mind at ease with a few helpful facts.

You Don’t Have to Feel a Thing!

As scary as the dental implant procedure may seem, it goes by surprisingly fast and on the whole, patients report feeling no discomfort. We use local anesthesia and a simple injection is enough to keep you comfortable the entire time.

A Smooth Recovery

The healing process is fairly quick. Although it takes a while for the bone to heal around the implant, you won’t be laid up for very long after the surgery. By following our post-op instructions, your recovery will be fast and comfortable.

Life with a Dental Implant

How does it feel to eat with a prosthetic tooth? It’s a lot nicer than that sounds! Once the titanium implant is attached to new bone, it will be just as strong as a natural tooth root. The implant is capped with a strong and beautiful crown that fits perfectly with the rest of your bite.

Caring for your implant is a simply job: brush and floss it just like any other tooth!

Dr. Qureshi and the rest of our team are happy to answer your questions! Call us today to schedule a consultation. We’ll help you determine whether a dental implant is right for your smile.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Farhan Qureshi