Electric vs. Manual Toothbrushes

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 18:00

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Electric Or Manual Toothbrush, which should you use? While both options are effective for cleaning teeth, a recent study concluded that electric toothbrushes are more efficient teeth cleaners than manual toothbrushes. Listed below are benefits that support each type, so you can decide what is best for you and your family.

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Benefits of Using A Manual Toothbrush

  • You can get one almost anywhere and they cost less than an electronic toothbrush
  • Because they are cheap, you can change them more often
  • Depending on the way you brush, and the type of brush, they may be less damaging on your enamel and gums.

Benefits of Using An Electric Toothbrush

  • Those with limited mobility due to arthritis, stroke, limited shoulder and elbow movement, or other conditions may benefit from electronic toothbrushes because they can clean more thoroughly.
  • Electronic toothbrushes may have extra benefits such as gauging pressure, a timer, and other features.

Tips For Brushing Your Teeth

So whether its electronic or manual, here are some tips you should always remember when brushing your teeth:

  1. Brush with soft bristle toothbrushes
  2. Replace your toothbrush every 4 months
  3. Brush for at least 2 minutes a day
  4. Don’t use too much pressure when brushing
  5. Get all the corners and brush thoroughly

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