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Actual Patient Case Studies

Patient Suffered From:
Misaligned, crooked teeth associated with gum disease, and chipped, broken teeth. Patient did not want braces.
Goal of Treatment with Dr. Qureshi:
Periodontal Deep Cleaning, Invisalign treatment for crooked teeth and an option given to repair a chipped and broken tooth with a Porcelain Crown, Porcelain Veneer or white (tooth colored) filling.
Patient is a 36 year old medical professional. In 2009, she came to Dr. Qureshi wanting to explore dental treatment options for a nicer, brighter smile. She was not comfortable smiling because of dark stains and crooked teeth, and did not want traditional metal braces. The wireless braces with Invisalign treatment took one year to achieve proper teeth alignment and regular periodontal deep cleanings were keeping her gums healthy. Additionally, she had a broken tooth which was repaired with a tooth colored filling with a recommendation for a porcelain crown to be placed in the future. Since 2009, she has been very happy with her new smile, now smiles with confidence and sees us religiously every 6 months for periodontal cleaning and a regular dental check up.

Preoperative and Postoperative Front Face

Preoperative and Postoperative Occlusal

Patient Suffered From: Crooked teeth

Goal of Treatment with Dr. Qureshi: Straight, white teeth and a beautiful smile.

Overview: Patient is a 72 year old woman. She has been coming to our office for over 10 years for her routine dental care. She always wanted a nice smile and white natural looking teeth. She was so embarrassed to smile that she rarely did. No other dental professional has offered to her any options for whitening or ceramic veneers. She came to us religiously every 4 months for cleaning, to get the stain off of her teeth.

She admired the photo gallery on our website of all the beautiful cases that Dr. Qureshi has completed. Patient mentioned that she wanted to know how Dr. Qureshi could improve her smile, besides coming in to have her teeth cleaned.

Dr. Qureshi assured the 72 year old patient, that most patients her age do not ask how they can improve their look and smile. The treatment plan was presented to her and explained in detail which included only 2 dental visits. 1. Zoom Whitening 2. Porcelain, Ceramic Veneers for her five front teeth.

This case was completed in 2008, patient still returns to the office every 4 months. She is always so happy to show off her beautiful smile and healthy gums at every opportunity.