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Root Canal Treatment

We offer comfortable and effective root canal treatment in Alexandria, Virginia.

Are you suffering from tooth pain and sensitivity? U Shine Dental can help you in Alexandria. We deliver effective and painless root canal treatment to relieve your tooth pain and save your natural smile.

Dr. Qureshi and Dr. Shin carry extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to endodontic treatments, or root canals. We utilize the latest methods available to ensure your dental care is both comfortable and rewarding. A root canal can save your damaged tooth and help you avoid the need to have a dental implant or bridge. At our office, we make every effort to give you the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve through all stages of life.

Root Canal Therapy

In the center of your tooth, there are nerves and blood vessels known as dental pulp. Pulp is sensitive and can be painful when exposed. Normally, pulp is protected and covered by the tooth. In some cases, however, the pulp can become infected due to tooth decay or disease. This results in painful sensations when you eat or drink. Root canals can treat teeth with exposed dental pulp and restore them.

Call us if you have the following symptoms indicating that you may need a root canal:

  • Extreme sensitivity to heat, cold and pressure
  • Persistent tooth and gum pain
  • A visible cavity that compromises the integrity of the tooth
  • A foul taste or odor near the aggravated tooth, even after brushing your teeth
  • Puss that drains into your mouth
  • Swollen lymph nodes in your neck and jaw near the afflicted tooth

Look at our gallery to learn what's possible for your smile!

Painless Root Canals

U Shine Dental uses modern endodontic techniques and anesthetics to make your root canal procedure comfortable and painless. We begin by diagnosing the tooth. In some cases, we may be able to treat infected pulp without surgery.

Our procedure for root canal treatment is to remove any infected pulp, and then perform a root canal to disinfect and clean the area thoroughly. Lastly, we place a crown over the tooth for protection. We can use local anesthesia or sedation dentistry for your root canal procedure. Depending on the severity of the infection or damage, your treatment may require multiple visits.

Don’t delay your need for root canal therapy.

Dental infections can spread and infect other teeth, causing more damage and possibly extensive surgery. Schedule an appointment today to plan your painless root canal in Alexandria.