Preserving Tooth Health with Fillings

December 2, 2015
Top down shot of a white tooth filling

Striving to maintain natural teeth with modern restorative techniques in Alexandria, Virginia.

You’ve probably asked this question before, but the answer you got just didn’t make sense. It’s just a tooth, right? So what’s the big deal about putting a dental filling in there to fix the problem?

To appreciate why your dentist may recommend something beyond a classic metal filling, it important that you understand exactly what your teeth are and what they do.

More Than Just a Tooth!

Your teeth are made of something different from the rest of your bones. They’re actually made up of several layers. These layers perform specific functions and are not easily replaced. If a tooth is deeply damaged by decay or fracture, a filling may not be enough to structurally hold your tooth together.

The innermost portion of your tooth contains blood vessels and nerves. Yes, your tooth is meant to be alive! This supply (the pulp of the tooth) nourishes the tooth from the inside. If this inner supply chamber is damaged, it can become infected and cause an abscess.

Why should you bother to preserve your teeth?

  • Missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift out of alignment
  • Diseased areas can spread to other regions of the mouth
  • Missing teeth affect the shape of your mouth, even when it’s closed
  • Missing teeth will affect the way you speak and chew

Clearly, your teeth play an important role! Modern restorative techniques have the goal of conserving natural tooth structure and preserving your natural teeth for as long as possible. Root canals and crowns may be necessary to do just that. At your next dental visit, ask Dr. Farhan Qureshi about the restorative techniques he uses to enhance and preserve your smile.