How to Maximize a Teeth Whitening Procedure

September 18, 2015
before and after woman teeth photo

Helping patients plan their teeth whitening procedure for maximum results in Alexandria, Virginia.

If you’d like to brighten your smile, then it’s not something you should aimlessly postpone for “someday.” Having your teeth whitened at just the right time will help you to achieve the most dramatic and lasting effects.

The Finishing Touch on an Even Smile

After you have completed any needed orthodontic procedure, treat your teeth to some customized whitening therapy. Braces can often cause odd white spots right on the front of your teeth, but these will be faded out when your teeth are bleached to match. Whitening after your teeth are straightened will uniformly expose your teeth to the bleaching agents. Whitening crooked teeth could still keep dark, hard-to-reach stain trapped between teeth.

Before Having Any Other Cosmetic Dentistry

A tooth that is fractured or discolored as a result of trauma, for example, will likely need a crown or veneer to enhance its appearance. If you whiten prior to having the crown or veneer placed, then the restoration will be colored to closely match your other teeth. If you whiten afterwards, then the new restoration may turn up looking much darker than your other teeth since it does not lighten as tooth enamel does.

When Will Whitening Help You the Most?

Although it’s ideal to whiten within after having braces and before having more restorative work, you could have it done at virtually any time. You may hope to have a whiter smile before going on vacation, attending a reunion, or having a wedding. Such major events deserve your brightest and most confident smile!

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