Overcoming Dental Anxiety

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May 6, 2015

Striving to provide comfortable and relaxed treatment through sedation dentistry in Alexandria, Viriginia

Dr. Qureshi, DDS is familiar with new patients coming to see him because of previous experiences that have left them afraid or nervous about going to the dentist. They know that we can help them overcome this fear and make them feel as relaxed as possible throughout the process.

You need a dentist who will listen to your concerns and walk you through every process step-by-step. This sharing of information is a two-way street, allowing you to create a trusting relationship with your new dentist. Playing an active part in your own treatment planning process will help ease you into a healthier smile.

Sedation dentistry is an excellent way to feel relaxed about your dental treatment. Dr. Qureshi is a licensed oral sedation dentist, allowing us to perform the safe and effective anxiety relief right here in our office. The sedative is simply a prescription medication that is taken about one hour prior to your scheduled treatment. By the time of your appointment, you feel almost like you are sleeping or dreaming through a light nap. We will still be able to ask you simple questions and have you turn, sit up or open your mouth – but chances are you will not remember a single thing!

We typically recommend oral sedation for patients like you who have anxiety about going to the dentist, or a large amount of treatment to catch up on.

Complete all of your dental care at one time. If you’ve been putting dental appointments on the back burner, your smile could be suffering. Thanks to easy, oral conscious sedation, you can get just about everything taken care of in one appointment.