4 Reasons to Fill Your Cavity

May 16, 2017
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You’ve started to feel a rough spot on your tooth, or maybe food is catching in a particular area during your meals. After a visit to see our Alexandria dentist, you find out that there’s a cavity. “It doesn’t hurt at least,” you think, “so I can probably wait a while to have it fixed.”

…but should you? Here are four reasons why it’s not that smart of an idea to put your dental filling off.

By the Time it Hurts, You May Need a Crown or Root Canal

Being pain free doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Even abscessed teeth are sometimes completely asymptomatic. A cavity today could need even bigger treatment next year.

Tooth Decay Can “Jump” to Neighboring Healthy Teeth

Maybe only one tooth has a cavity, but if you wait until your next checkup, you could have two or even three teeth that need to be fixed. That’s right…cavities spread.

It Costs Less to Fix it Now

Even with dental insurance, it’s cheaper to fill a tooth when the cavity is small, than when it gets larger. Wait long enough and the tooth will need a costlier treatment to repair it.

The Restoration is Less Invasive to Your Tooth

With a filling, only the area of decayed tooth is cleaned away and the “hole” is filled. But if you need something like a crown, some of your healthy tooth structure will need to be removed as well. It’s better for your smile as a whole if you treat the cavity early.

Dr. Qureshi is happy to answer any questions that you might have about your tooth decay or treatment needs. Call our Alexandria, VA office today to schedule an exam.