What Warrants a Dental Crown?

A closeup of dental crowns
October 13, 2015

Knowing the situations that require dental crowns can make it easier to recognize when you need one.

The first time you find out that you need a dental crown, you may not be so sure. After all – sometimes the tooth never hurts or even feels like there is anything wrong with it. Dr. Quershi recommends crowning teeth that are significantly compromised and prone to fracture or infection.

Here are a few situations when we would provide dental crowns in our Alexandria VA office:

Teeth Treated with a Root Canal

After a tooth is treated with a root canal, it is no longer vital. That means the tooth enamel becomes dry and brittle. Without the right protection, it can easily break down. Placing a crown over an endodontically treated tooth can preserve it for several years!

Large Fractures or Cavities

Damaged teeth need to be repaired before they break down to the point where they can no longer be restored. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to fill a tooth that has only a small shell of enamel remaining. Instead, a crown will cover the portion of tooth that is left. This allows you to continue using your tooth normally.

Old, Large Fillings that Need to be Replaced

Like patches on a tire, fillings also wear out. When leaks develop around the filling, it is important to change it out quickly. In most situations, Dr. Quershi attempts to replace the filling with another filling. However, if the filling is very large, it may need a crown placed over the tooth instead.

If you suspect that you may need a dental crown or a filling replaced, call our dentist today. Dr. Quershi will be happy to discuss your smile concerns with you at any time.