Caring for Dental Crowns

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January 29, 2016

Helping patients care for new dental crowns in Alexandria, Virginia.

Dr. Farhan Qureshi places dental crowns of only the best quality. He also wants our patients to know how they should care for them to keep their smiles healthy and gorgeous.

The first thing you should know is that your crown is easy to keep clean.

Along with your other teeth be sure to:

  • Brush regularly
  • Floss carefully
  • Rinse with the mouthwash our dentist recommends

It’s important to keep your crown clean to avoid gum inflammation and cavities in other teeth. Regular dental checkups are also essential to keeping a crown clean and strong.

Watch What You Bite

About a day after it’s placed your crown will be strong enough to handle anything your other teeth can! Never use a crown or your natural teeth as tools. Chewing things such as ice and very hard candy can be equally as damaging to teeth as it can be to crowns. Treat your crown like your natural teeth and it will hold up just fine!

Protect Your Investment

Are you known to grind and clench your teeth in your sleep? The unnaturally intense biting forces can cause premature wear on the crown, loosen it, or possibly even fracture it. Besides this, the teeth opposite your crown will also be worn down from clenching against the crown.

A customized mouth guard worn at night would protect your crown from the grinding and clenching habit that’s largely out of your control.

A well-made crown will last a long time – especially if you take care of your entire smile! Visit our team at the office of Farhan Qureshi, DDS for a dental examination and personalized recommendations on caring for your dental crown.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Farhan Qureshi