Straws Support Oral Hygiene

February 6, 2015

Farhan Qureshi, DDS strives to empower patient with the tools to take control of their oral hygiene.

Straws are commonplace in restaurants, beverage shops, and almost anywhere you can get a drink on the go. However, when it comes to drinking at home, straws are seldom used. Here are some benefits to using straws every day.

Convenience of whitening teeth

Let’s face it, drinking from a straw is very convenient when you’re on the go. It’s much more time saving than unscrewing a cap.

Hygiene from straws for whiter teeth

One not often thought about, but very important advantage to using straws is hygiene. Glasses and cups can harbor germs and bacteria, especially around the rim where you drink from. By using a straw, you prevent contact with the rim altogether.

Stain Protection with straws

Straws prevent liquids from coming in direct contact with your teeth. Long-term exposure to beverages, such as coffee or tea, can stain teeth. Using a straw can reduce contact with these liquids and therefore, prevent staining.

Reduced Exposure to acid on your teeth

Drinking through a straw can reduce the amount of contact between the liquids consumed and your teeth. Consuming liquids with high amounts of sugar can increase the number of bacteria in your mouth, causing bad breath. Consuming liquids with high amounts of acid, such as orange juice, can wear away at the enamel. Using straws can greatly prevent damage to teeth.

Safety of drinking from a straw

When drinking from a straw, you consume a more controlled amount of liquid. This reduces your chances of choking. When drinking hot liquids, you consume a smaller amount per sip, which reduces your risk of burning your mouth.